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Voiceprint Analysis

New Basic Training VPA in 2012

9 January 2012 | by VPA | 1 Comment

New Training Dates (contact us)

The basic training enables you to perform a complete voice analysis from start to end.
And to interpret these analysis results as they are displayed in the various screens.
After one single training you will be able to start working with VPA on your own!

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2011 overview

29 December 2011 | by VPA | Be the first to comment »

VoicePrint Analysis would like to wish you all the best for the new year! The year 2011 started of well with an excellent training session with our experienced Dutch VPA trainers. Click here to continue reading »

Voice analysis on the Radio

7 June 2011 | by VPA Press | Be the first to comment »

Last year Peter Bouw was interviewed on Dutch radiostation Radio 6FM about how he uses the VPA software for voice analysis in his recruiting and coaching work. VPA voice analysis is a unique and exceptionally helpful tool. The interview is in Dutch but we provided an English translation.

During these times when jobs are uncertain and work cannot be taken for granted, it can prove to be useful to discover where your strenghts lie. Peter Bouw owns a consultancy business where he offers coaching and works with the VPA software for voice analysis. Click here to continue reading »

Voice analysis in the News

3 February 2011 | by VPA Press | Be the first to comment »

One of the practices that uses our voiceprint analysis software is HappyMotion, in The Netherlands. HappyMotion was involved with the #Twedding event [the first Dutch Twitter wedding] and they had some great results!

An interview with Astrid Nijhof of HappyMotion: Click here to continue reading »

Voiceprint Analysis

21 October 2010 | by VPA Press | Be the first to comment »

VPA offers you a very advanced and user‐friendly software program for voice analysis. Based on a voice recording VPA can make an elaborate analysis of the person behind the voice: A voiceprint.
Just as each person, each fingerprint and each retinal scan is unique, so is each voiceprint. Because of this a recording of your voice can offer insight into your personal emotional and physical state of being.
The VPA software for voice analysis makes a brief recording of your voice. Through this recording VPA automatically creates an extensive analysis. In this analysis powerful traits as well as blockages are found. Subsequently these are shown in instantly applicable easy-to-use overviews. The analysis based on your voice offers a unique insight into your personality. VPA will provide you with this insight within just a few minutes. Click here to continue reading »