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Voiceprint Analysis

Digital Brainmap 2

Several Universities and Institutes are currently working on a digital mindmap of the brain. At VPA we are doing related brain studies in the fields of Psychology, NeuroScience and Neurofeedback.

Mapping the connectome — the digital wiring diagram of the brain’s white matter — promises to revolutionize Neuroscience. Connectome is where Nature and Nurture meet eachother: Genes and Experiences in one overview…

Even the most rudimentary blueprint of the brain could reveal how genes and experiences shape our wiring, which in turn determines our individual differences. Our past experiences shaped our wiring and life so far. What if we could already influence our future experiences and wiring?

We already can: The insight of an analysis with the VPA software program allow us to harmonize deepest (soul) wishes and current life experiences. With an analysis of the VPA we can look through the mirror and behind the stories we are telling our self or the ones being told to us. VPA shows us the (mis)balances in our personal mind map.

Based on our personal mind map we can make a roadmap for the future (together with our VPA coach or therapist). With this roadmap it is more likely we make the choices and changes harmonizing our future life. New experiences produce new wiring. More harmony in our personal VPA mindmap will lead to more happiness, more wellbeing and more joy in our future life. Stress will dissapear.

MindMap of a female fruitfly (Current Biology)

The fly brain, with its 100,000 neurons, may prove a good starting point for understanding the human brain, which has an estimated 100 billion neurons, each with about 1,000 synapses.

Mindmapping of the human brain would also advance our understanding of conditions such as autism, schizophrenia and addiction — all of which are increasingly viewed as “connectopathies.” This could even shed more light on such mysteries as intelligence and consciousness, and serve as the first step to downloading human brains into computers.

Techniques being used in connectomics include MRI (neuroanatomy), fMRI (changes in blood supply, assumed to correlate with local nerve activity), diffusion MRI (tracking water molecules along axons), and functional connectivity MRI (resting-state MRI) to track long-distance communications.

fMRI studies have recently been validated in a study published in Nature. A Stanford University-led team has shown that fMRI signals based on elevated levels of oxygenated blood in specific parts of the brain can be caused by activation of local excitatory neurons.

Our brain is the most complex object in the known universe – therefore we will need to map it in formidable detail to track down memory, thought and identity.

At Puurzaam we are happy to work in this field. More and more coaches and therapists are making the choice to work with our quickscanning and non-invasive VPA software program. You could be the next one…!

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