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Voiceprint Analysis

Article Thomas Power (Ecademy)

We are all confronted with our inner selves every now and then. But to have your inner true self projected onto a large screen in a room full of people on a random Tuesday is another matter altogether! Still this is exactly what Thomas Power, founder and Chairman of Ecademy, did during his Social Media Crash Course in Deventer, The Netherlands in May 2010.

While Thomas spoke into the microphone his voice was recorded for just two minutes. After this the recording was analysed by the VPA software for Voice Print Analysis. Since each voice is as unique as a retina scan or a fingerprint, it can provide a clear insight into a person’s wellbeing. Thomas’ voice analysis provided us with an extensive insight into the psyche of Thomas Power. Together with the rest of the audience Thomas stood face to face with his inner self, his behavioural motivation and his emotions.

VPA provides the opportunity to gain a better insight into a person’s personality. This allows us to form an understanding of some of the reasons why someone does what he or she does and even what people may like or dislike about him or her. At this meeting we were able to understand some of the reasons why Thomas started Ecademy and why he helped so many people. And not just us: Thomas also gained a better insight himself into his personality and his motivation! Thomas himself commented: “It was fantastic. This really is my voice print!”

Centuries of research from different angles of science have made it possible for VPA to translate these voice frequencies, the results of which are presented in understandable easy-to-read overviews.

Our thought pattern and emotions cannot be manipulated easily because they have evolved over time through experiences in our upbringing and our relations or even through media. The voice is the doorway to our emotions and to the thought pattern for our behaviour, something that would otherwise have remained hidden behind a story and a smile. VPA identifies the patterns and translates them, reading the person behind their words and appearances.

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