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Voiceprint Analysis

Voice analysis in the News

3 February 2011 | Be the first to comment »

One of the practices that uses our voiceprint analysis software is HappyMotion, in The Netherlands. HappyMotion was involved with the #Twedding event [the first Dutch Twitter wedding] and they had some great results!

An interview with Astrid Nijhof of HappyMotion:

You can look at the interview with Astrid in Dutch or read the English translation below:

My name is Astrid Nijhof. My Twitter name is Astrid_N and I have a company called HappyMotion. HappyMotion is a combination of happy emotion and I with this I try to bring the good emotions, their happy emotions of people to the surface. I do this with voice analysis. I will record just three minutes of your voice and this results in a very comprehensive character profile. This makes you more aware of who you are.

For Twedding I have done a voice analysis for Rene and for Jannetta and I also created a partner match for them together. I created the partner match with the voice analysis software. Moreover Jannetta can use her voice analysis for her diet.

I participated in Twedding because I thought it was a very nice initiative. I saw it on Twitter. Initially I was not at all aware of it but I was pointed to it by Margriet Groenevelt. I looked into it and got so excited about it that I really wanted to participate in it!

You can find more information about my company at

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