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Voiceprint Analysis

VPA User Training

New Basic Training Sessions

The basic training enables you to: Perform a voice analysis from start to end.
And: Interpret the analysis results as they are displayed in the various screens.
1 day @ E 147  – Sign up here

The Netherlands:

Dates: 2012

Coaching: Voiceprint Analysis Netherlands

Location: Utrecht area


Client testimonial:

NB. Testimonial after attending the basic and expert training 1 of VPA VoicePrint Analysis

Expert Training 1 : T.B.D.

Interpretation of the test results: Matching-module and discussion of cases. Attendance at the Basic training is a requirement for this training.
1 day training @ E 197

Expert Training 2 : T.B.D.

Interpretation of the analysis results: Discussion of cases – Possibility of sending in own case in advance! Attendance at both the Basic training and Expert Training 1 is a requirement for this training.
1 day training @ E 197


Do not wait too long to sign up for the training session you want to attend. We like to work with small groups so we only have a limited number of seats available for each training. These tend to fill up rather quickly…

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Prices on this page do not include VAT.

Training will proceed with an attendance of at least 3 persons.

Please contact us for in-company training, private training or training outside The Netherlands!