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Voiceprint Analysis

Some Features

Immediate insight (‘Live’)

During the recording the user can obtain an even more extensive insight, as the emotions of the speaker are shown in a “live” stream of emoticons. With this the user gains a direct insight into the emotions that are experienced by the speaker during the recording.

Language independant

VPA is not influenced by the meaning of the words that are spoken, but by the emotions that the speaker has while uttering them. Because of this even the language used in the recording is of no importance. This makes the VPA software for voice analysis language-independent. At the moment the VPA program itself is available in two languages: English and Dutch.


In the on-screen presentation even the difference between basic emotions and the emotions that are present at the moment of the recording is visible. And all this based on a two-minute recording of your voice!


  • Personal appearance
  • Rational characteristics
  • Impulsive characteristics
  • Emotional characteristics
  • Subconcious emotions
  • Stress level
  • Energy level (personal strength)
  • Person in his/her social setting
  • Personal relations (compatibility)
  • Psychological balance
  • Physical balance
  • Level of (emotional) extraversion and introversion